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FTP Anasazi

Animal Summary

CLAA: CAN46680 | AOA: 32025989

Beige Female | July 18, 2015

Fibre & Build

2018 Histogram
AFD: 24.5 | SD: 4.9 | CV: 20.1 | CF: 89.5 | Curve: 38.5 Dg/mm | Staple: 75 mm (Along Length)

Shoulder Height & Weight
Height: 33" | Avg. Weight: 140lbs

Show Record Summary

Never Shown

Breeding Status: Proven
Status: Open
Service Sire: N/A



Show Records

2016 • AFD: 16.4 | SD: 3.7 | CV: 22.4 | %>30: 0.7 (Yocom) 2017 • AFD: 21.3 | SD: 4.1 | CV: 19.4 | %>30: 2.3 (Yocom) 2018: AFD: 24.5 | SD: 4.9 | CV: 20.1 | CF: 89.5 | Curve: 38.5 Dg/mm | Staple: 75 mm (Alpaca Consulting USA)

Never Shown

• FTP Ukko | Sire: Northern Mystery's Erasmus | Solid Light Fawn Male (2022)

I fell in love with Anasazi the day she was born. Right from the beginning, she displayed an easy going, inquisitive temperament that has made her an absolute pleasure to train and work with. She does credit to her dam Samantha in this way.

Anasazi is a compactly built, well balanced female with her sire's presence and her dam's easy going temperament. Like all of Samantha's children, Anasazi displays a pleasantly surprising lack of overall guard hair in her blanket and neck, and squish able, very spinner-friendly bundles with a high amplitude, medium frequency crimp style. 

She is robust, fertile, and has all of the makings of an excellent dam— she has proven to be a heavy milk producer while also maintaining excellent health nd weight without intervention (even when offering snacks to her fellow herd mates cria). She is a relaxed but attentive dam, and her easy going nature seems to rub off on her cria, and set a relaxed tone for her fellow females.

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