Foundation Females

For all the attention a stud male might receive, his contribution is only part of the equation when it comes to the success of his progeny. The genetic impact of a strong female, combined with her contributions in supporting her cria's optimal development in utero and after birth are just as important. For a female to be considered for breeding within our program, she must display not only strong conformation traits with robust health; but also a sound, easy-to-work-with temperament emphasizing mothering traits. Longevity of fibre quality is of great importance, and females do not begin their breeding careers until a minimum of 3-4 years of age, when they are fully mature and their fleeces can be confirmed as retaining the qualities we would like to maintain.

Other Females

As individuals, those females who may not display traits consistent with our own breeding program goals may instead display strengths better suited to other areas. Those females who may not meet our breeding criteria may be retained for other purposes, most often for fibre production and companionship, or may be released to other farm programs where her strengths may be better suited to meet their own breeding goals.