Stud Males

Each of the working males housed in the program have been selected for their positive qualities in conformation, fleece production, and tractability of temperament. Evidence based practices are used to inform breeding decisions, and to assess male's production qualities in both the breeding and fibre sheds. Temperament is an important quality for the program, and an emphasis is placed on males being easy to house and handle. As such, they do not become available for public stud until they demonstrate consistency in temperament through their working season. Each herdsire's page includes a complete histogram history, progeny records, show records, and any available EPD data, in addition to their public availability for hire. 

Please contact Paityn if you are interested in adding any of these males genetics into your program.

Other Males

While not all males meet the criteria to become stud males, this does not negate their value in the fibre shed. All alpacas, breeding and non-breeding, produce fibre that can be used in a variety of ways.Those males who are housed in the program who may not make the cut as herdsires often fill other niches, and are welcomed as part of the FTP family for their own unique qualities.