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Art Department Hoodie, 2011 Edition


bring back the


About the Artist

About the Art

  • Canadian

  • BA & M.Sc, not in Fine Arts.

  • Once slept at a Holiday Inn.

  • Art displayed in Parliament (2002ish)

  • Finalist In the Robet Bateman Get-To-Know Contest (2012?)

  • Not great with remembering dates and times

  • Art broadcasted on National Television

  • Commissioned work on display across the world

  • Based on Nature & the Wild

  • Also lore, mythology, and cryptozoology

  • Big fan of Naturalism, Fauvism, and Synthetism

  • Multi-media specialty, with preferences for graphite but experience in

    • Digital Illustration

    • Graphic Design

    • Acrylic, Watercolour, and Gouache Paint

    • Conté, Charcoal, and Pastel

    • Monotype, Linotype, and Intaglio Printmaking

    • Clay, Wire, and Felted sculpture

    • Textile fibre arts


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."


About the Farmer

  • Experience with Horses, Beef Cattle, Dogs, Alpacas, Llamas, & Small Exotics

  • 10+ years of Alpaca owning experience

About the Farm

Forget the Paint alpacas is currently a breeding program based out of Edson, Alberta. The animals in the program are boarded at Northern Mystery Alpacas, which is the home-farm where Paityn grew up and currently works in her spare time.

A small program, focussing on a variety of different areas, her goals for her herd are probably easiest to describe as eclectic. Paityn enjoys showing and training, and working with her animals one-on-one, which means much of the work in her herd is focussed on producing animals who can compete in the halter and fibre circuit. With that being said, Paityn's animals are also trained to pull sleds, complete obstacle courses, and perform other tasks, some of which she hopes to one day incorporate into a program where she can offer some of her animals for therapy work. 

There are three fundamental goals that inform her and her home farm's decisions as breeders— conformation, fibre, and temperament. There was, some time ago, an idea to present alpacas as a "huggable investment" . This is an idea that Paityn would like to build upon, by selecting animals who have an excellent temperament and higher levels of sociability and resiliency for breeding. By also selecting animals with excellent fibre traits and strong conformation, Paityn hopes to produce animals that are physically healthy and can enjoy long and healthy lives free from chronic pain; and who can produce fibre that retains it's positive traits with longevity. By selecting for temperament on top of fibre and conformation, Paityn hopes to produce animals who are more resilient and are less likely to be affected by handling related stress (and stress related health problems), as well as animals that are highly tractable

Although she feels that she is off to a good start, Paityn knows that it will take time to see whether this plan works. She, like her parents, is a supporter of the Canadian alpaca industry, and works to ensure that all of her animals are CLAA and AOA registered, and that breeding decisions are informed by evidence based information.

The herd at Forget the Paint consists of Bolivian, Chilean and Peruvian lines with no particular emphasis on producing pure Peruvian, Bolivian or Chilean animals. Currently, much of the herd's genetics consist of names such as 4Peruvian Legacy, PC Running Late, Victor's Vaccoyo, Peruvian Captain Nemo, Purrembete Ledger's Dream, Peruvian Hemingway,  PPeruvian Caligula, and Peruvian Pistachio.

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