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About the Artist

Hi, my name is Paityn and I make things.

I am a mostly self-taught artist with a background in both traditional and digital mediums. I got my start in my grandparents farmhouse, tracing arabian horses out of as many of the magazines they kept that they would allow me to destroy. I still draw horses in farmhouses (well, maybe not in farmhouses, but you get the idea), among other things. For a long time I created digital art almost exclusively, but in the past few years I have rediscovered the satisfaction that comes from getting your hands dirty and creating art in a tangible medium. 


I specialize in creating art centred around animals and nature. If it has four legs and fur, chances are it is in my repertoire. Mythology, lore, and of course the wild that surrounds us, are all things I really enjoy exploring with my work. I am by no means a professional artist. I prefer to think of myself as a hobbyist of sorts. I never did anything in the Fine Arts beyond taking the odd class or summer camp here and there. The mentors I have had along the way though have helped me immensely, and there would be no way I’d have come as far as I have without them. 

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