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Vida Loca Lasting Legacy

Medium Brown | June 7, 2011 | N/A

ARI: 32116090 | CLAA: 42964

AFD: | SD: | CV: | %>30:



Cool, calm, and collected, Buri was a reliable animal with a good heart. He came to us after his home farm needed to disperse its herd, and for the time he called our farm a home, he was loved and doted on. While not a particularly human-social animal, Buri behaved in a manner that was both reserved and thoughtful. He spent a lot of time watching, and seemed to measure his decisions carefully. Those he chose to be close to in the herd-- both his brother Buku, and a visiting macho-- seemed to be his priority, as he was never far from their side. 


Buri enjoyed a short show career, and before his passing was slated for several more before his planned retirement as a herdsire. His fleece was a rich, ruddy brown that was immensely soft, and full of consistent, high frequency crimp. He was moderately dense, and no matter how dirty he appeared on the outside of his fibre, he never seemed to develop a dirt line-- resulting in a very clean fleece, that retained very little vegetable matter.


I loved his build and overal phenotype. He was sturdy, without being heavy, and was maturing into a handsome animal. 


We lost both Buri and his close herd mate to a cougar attack in October of 2014. The cat had been a nuisance plaguing the area, and had broken into the pen, killing both animals. 


Buri 2014

Buri 2014

Buku and Buri

Buku and Buri

Histogram History

We were distraught at the loss, for both animals had such bright futures ahead of them, and were robbed of the opportunity to see them through. However, in the short time that they were with us, they were loved and spoiled-- we hope that they knew they would be missed.

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